The Official Catalog of the San Marino Pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai presented to Their Excellencies the Captains Regent

“The hope is that all our fellow citizens understand the value of a commitment like this and that they can look with satisfaction at the image of our country, which has set off from Dubai towards the world, the image of a land that collects everywhere great respect, arouses the curiosity of tourists and visitors, which boasts a valuable economic fabric and which is able to establish itself with conviction among the big names on the planet in the highest international contexts”.

With these words, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Cooperation, Postal Services and Expo of the Republic of San Marino Federico Pedini Amati delivered the Official Catalog this morning to Their Excellencies the Captains Regent Maria Luisa Berti and Manuel Ciavatta of the San Marino Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020.

San Marino’s participation in the last Universal Exposition was memorable, made even more special by an audience that saw the participation before the highest offices of state of all people, from the pavilion managers to the volunteers up to the representatives of the sponsors, who with their commitment they have worked to make the San Marino Pavilion attractive to a wide international audience.

The speech by the Secretary of State Pedini Amati was opened by a moving recollection by the Ambassador and General Commissioner of Expo Mauro Maiani: “A few weeks after the inauguration, our friend Mauro left us, at the height of his commitment, and together to him we have lost his infinite experience, his irony, his cultural baggage, his love for the country, his prestigious contacts, his privileged relationship with those distant lands. We had two options: fold or raise. We have chosen to continue to commit ourselves, for Mauro and in Mauro’s name, entrusting the leadership of the Commissariat to Ambassador Filippo Francini, a very high-profile executive. I think this is the right moment to thank him for the work he has done, recognizing him with the greatest honor”.

“I also want to thank Letizia Cardelli, Director of the Pavilion and the three managers Sara ContiIlaria Brizi and Elisabetta Bucci who during her stay in Dubai for Expo became Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino for the hard work – concluded the Secretary in the United Arab Emirates replacing Mauro Maiani. A heartfelt thank you to the volunteers, the smiling business card of our Pavilion and the tireless engine of the expedition. Thanks to Massimo Zani, Arianna Serra and Elena Minutillo of the General Commissariat of Expo, precious officials at the service of our Republic”.

The Commissioner General Filippo Francini then took the floor, recalling how “The final catalog of Expo is not just a simple final document or a report, but it is the testimony of the history of an event that had a development of 6 months, but which was however born much earlier, with all the organizational phases, and which will remain in the memory of anyone who has lived it. It is a journey in which all life experiences, from the most difficult to the happy ones, have been enclosed in the time and space frame of an event which has had the advantage of bringing the image and culture of the Republic of San Marino in parts of the world that only marginally knew its history and traditions. The hope is that in the future, thanks to what has been done in the past and in this latest edition of Dubai, universal events and exhibitions such as EXPO will still continue, already starting EXPO 2025 OSAKA – KANSAI, to see the qualified, passionate and involved participation as that of our beloved Republic”.

The ceremony was concluded with the delivery of the official catalog to Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, with the corollary signature of all the volunteers and pavilion managers.

Source: SdS Turismo

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