We create innovative digital experiences with a creative soul.


Our ambition is to be the point of reference and driver of change for our customers. We develop innovative projects in the Information Technology field, an ever-changing environment that requires ability to listen, knowledge and increasingly rapid responses to challenges.

The company was founded in 1998, the year Apple launched the iMac and Larry Page and Sergey Brin laid the foundations of today’s global giant Google. Over the years, the IT sector has gone through profound transformations: many scenarios have changed, new technologies have been introduced while others have been abandoned, but the passion of our team has not changed: on the contrary, it has grown stronger.

We are a company with many years of experience… and we are proud to prove that!


Our mission is to provide experience and professionalism, with the utmost focus on the results desired by the customer.

We have always believed that the IT sector plays a central role for our future, because of its potential to stimulate creativity and to surprise and excite its audience.

Our mission is to bring our experience and professionalism into play, focusing our attention on the goals that our customers aim for. All companies that want to further boost their business by taking advantage of digital technologies can benefit from our innovative proposals.

for our field of activity

Updating and innovation are part of our corporate vision.
We are always looking for advanced technological scenarios from which to be inspired and develop new projects and solutions.

Knowledge is power

Learning is a big opportunity to constantly improve, as well as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our work.

Team working

Collaboration, connection and motivation are the core values shared within our team. A complex and cohesive team that runs together, never losing sight of the goals

Care for relationships

We listen and support our customers from the first contact to the release of the project. We make the development of a project in the digital world an experience in which the client can recognise himself, and together we follow its progress.

/ Clienti & partner

Our customers work in different fields, they have different experiences and needs, but we work together to achieve the same goal.

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