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Our ambition is to be the reference point and promoter of change for our customers. The company has its origins in 1998, the year in which Apple launched the iMac and Larry Page and Sergey Brin laid the foundations of today’s giant Google. In 2011, it was renamed AC&D Solutions.

Over the years, the IT sector has undergone many transformations: scenarios have changed, new technologies have been introduced, others have been abandoned, but our passion for technology has not changed: on the contrary, it has grown stronger.


AC&D Solutions aims to develop digital products and solutions for companies both in Italy and abroad. It stands out for its ability to support the customer in the process of technological innovation, that generates benefits in terms of costs, streamlining of processes, optimization of time and resources, management of critical issues and improvement of communication.


We have always believed that the IT is the future, because of its potential to stimulate creativity and to surprise and excite more and more its audience. 

We address companies that want to further boost their business by investing in the digital sector and taking advantage of our innovative proposals. 



Passion for what we do​

Updating and innovation are part of our DNA. We are always looking for new technological solutions from which to draw inspiration and develop new projects.

Knowledge and curiosity​

Professional training is an asset to constantly improve and grow as a company and as individuals: we always study, test and learn new solutions to consolidate our experience and expertise.


Collaboration and motivation are key levers shared within our team. Every day we work to build a cohesive and goal-oriented team.

Care for relationships

Listening and support for our customers from the first contact to the release of the project. We do not want to be just suppliers but rather active partners participating in the success of our customers.

“The challenge is to do more and always better, by taking advance of the talents of all people who collaborate with us, to support our customers, start new projects, establish strong partnerships and give our positive contribution to society by making available our expertise. During these last months of pandemic, our primary objective has been the implementation of solutions to support some of the sectors most affected by the emergency: Public Health and Sport”.

/ CUSTOMERS & partner

Our customers work in different fields, they have different experiences and needs, but we work together to achieve the same goal.

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