The new website and social channels dedicated to the Regency Institution have been presented

This morning, the Director of the Institutional Secretariat together with the Director of Diplomatic Protocol presented the new website and social channels dedicated to the Captains Regent, Heads of State of the Republic of San Marino to the press. 

The realization of the project, strongly desired by Their Excellencies the Captains Regent Maria Luisa Berti and Manuel Ciavatta, was possible thanks to a synergy between various bodies and offices of the Administration and private subjects. First of all, the role of the Executive was important – through the Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs and the General Directorate of Public Administration – in providing, in the latest General Requirement of the PA, a specific role profile for communication expert from assign to the Institutional Secretariat Office precisely to follow the integrated communication of the Most Excellent Regency; expert who – since the beginning of his role, for a couple of months now, has been involved in the preparation of what is necessary for the creation of these channels, in particular the recognition of the documentary contents already present in the previous site and a new organization of the same, also with the integration of photographic and multimedia material in order to create a dynamic website, also connected to social channels.
All in line with the intention of the Regency to establish an integrated communication system, capable of conveying the values and symbols of our state identity more than ever connected with the institutional activity of the Regency and to do so also through those platforms which, above all among young people, they succeed in a formidable way in arousing interest and curiosity.
Essential, in this communication and image “strategy”, are the photographic creations of Paolo Crocenzi which portray the symbols and places of the Regency and narrate the unfolding, over the centuries, of the history of the San Marino Community. They are the most beautiful and suggestive images of Palazzo Pubblico, of the Throne Room of Palazzo Valloni and of the emblems and representations that are kept in them. Before the press conference, Paolo Crocenzi, however, was received in audience by the Captains Regent and on that occasion he delivered to the LL.EE. two iconic images: one that portrays the “Collar of the Captains Regent” – the Collar of the Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of San Marino which only the Captains Regent can wear during their mandate – and the other that portrays the “Keys to the City”, institutional objects of which – as underlined by the Secretary of State Elena Tonnini – “perhaps the collective memory has been somewhat lost and which have their roots in the ancient Statutes, symbols of the authority to represent the State and defend it”. 

The site – created in record time by AC&D Solutions – was published online in just as quick times thanks to the efforts of the IT, Technology, Data and Statistics Office. All the actors involved, therefore, taking charge of the desire of the Captains Regent in office to be able to “inaugurate” these channels within their semester, worked hard and promptly, allowing for a result that was not so obvious. Today from the site – and from the social channels connected to it – it will be possible to know and follow, through images and documents, even in real time, the activity of the Regency and in particular the official hearings, state and institutional visits, both in territory and abroad, messages pronounced on important occasions and anniversaries, including international ones, participation in state ceremonies and events of high institutional significance.
Soon, the photo gallery will be joined by the virtual tour of Palazzo Pubblico, an exclusive virtual journey into the Domus Magna Communis – seat of all the highest institutions of the Republic – which will allow you to open the doors to history, artistic beauty and the most iconic of this identity symbol of our Republic.

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