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The idea was born at the beginning of the Covid emergency with the aim of creating a tool that allows the management of queues, in compliance with the security measures in force.

inFila is a completely free app and allows users to queue remotely and safely, by reserving their number at the store, sports facility or public office they are interested in.

App inFila,
the smart way to queue safely.

Thanks to the inFila app, it is easy to locate the stores in the immediate vicinity with geolocalisation and check the distance between the user and the point of sale, as well as the number of people in the queue.

The estimation of the waiting time takes into account a number of variables and is determined with an accuracy very close to reality.

inFila is easy to share, not only via WhatsApp but also via Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin or e-mail.

for the user

Browse commercial activities grouped by category in the main list.

Evaluate beforehand the expected waiting time.

Book your number in the queue.

Expand the community by suggesting your favourite shops.

for the owners

Ensuring security at their business when offering their service.

Monitor the queue avoiding gatherings.

Offer their customers a useful and appreciated service.

Multimedia Totem with inFila makes queue management even easier.

The inFila proposal is completed by a multimedia totem that will make it even easier to manage long queues and any unexpected waiting time both through printed tickets and remote booking from the app.

In addition, thanks to the “multiqueue” functionality it is possible to enable a priority queue for special categories of people or other services distinct by type.

Ask for information

If you would like to participate in the commercial initiative as an activity or a public place, or receive information about the multimedia totems, please contact us. We will be pleased to give you all the necessary information.

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