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Cometa is a software for business management designed to meet the needs of all service companies, regardless of their size and structure. It adapts to their business processes and is an indispensable tool to increase quality and performance.

The advantage of a simple solution, with the strength of a flexible solution.

Cometa is a fully customisable modular software. Its strong points are: simplicity, flexibility and security. 

Its working areas and functionalities are multiple and constantly updated: Master Data, CRM, Projects, Management Control, Resources, Documents and Security.
Any time customers submit new requirements for our attention, we are prompt to analyse a customisation

Functions for:


Project manager



becomes an App

The new smart concept of doing business by automating activities without having to work from a desktop computer.

All Cometa activities have been grouped together and integrated in an app that allows you to share information with all areas of the company, consult lead data, have control over orders, and optimise processes with a simple and intuitive interface.  

The Cometa app is designed to increase the productivity of work teams, to optimise the time spent on different tasks and to foster collaboration in the professional environment in an effective way, thus ensuring an increase in performance and focus on the needs of the customer.

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