Plus Training System

Think fast, Move quickly


It is a system for monitoring and evaluating the speed and execution quality of the performances of athletes, through the detection of movements executed in changes of way and direction, as well as of the torsion of the body in space.

The technology that revolutionizes the way to measure sport performances

Is a professional screening able to measure and test the motor skills of an athlete. In particular, it offers the possibility of detecting the speed with which changes of direction are performed at specific moments, previously described in a diagram, but also at the same time by inserting inputs set at the time.


Measure mobility insufficiency
Detect the loss of strength
Monitor insufficiencies in the dynamic motor control
Improve the execution of specific exercises

The training system with something more

The purpose of +TS is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete in the execution of specific movements of a sport discipline, in order to direct the training of the changes of direction and of the agility in a focused manner.

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Plus Training System is a technology capable of analysing data describing the progress of players and athletes, allowing an evaluation of the performances and the optimization of the strategies to be adopted to enhance the sport experience.

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