Smart Working, the agile way of working

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The recent Corona virus pandemic has raised attention on Smart Working policies.

The flexible management of spaces and working hours supports the productivity growth of companies, while meeting the needs of employees.

During the present health emergency, the resort to smart working has helped mitigate the impact of the pandemic on economy. As early as in 2017, we have been the first company in the Republic of San Marino to implement this new model, taking advantage of its flexibility and autonomy, thanks to an agreement signed with Federindustria CSU and OSLA. The data collected during these years allow a very positive evaluation, both in terms of satisfaction of the employees, confirmed by a request to continue to benefit from smart working, and for company growth

The strategic role of technology in supporting Smart Working.

Smart working is made possible by a number of technologies, the most relevant of which concern the management of security and data accessibility from remote locations and from different devices, a company management system and the use of platforms for communicating and sharing content.

Becoming smart for a company means adopting organisational policies aimed at promoting a real cultural change, leveraging the corporate values, autonomy and sense of responsibility of employees.


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