A virtual remote
assistance software


Ubiquity is an augmented reality software for all companies that provide specialist support remotely, in real time, through the use of media devices such as smart glasses, tablets or smartphones.

Optimize your assistance services thanks to an innovative digital experience

Distance, will no longer be a limit.

The Ubiquity software finds application in many fields: from industry to healthcare, from mechanical to professional training. The technology used allows immediate detection and diagnosis of critical issues, thus reducing response times and intervention costs.

The innovation consists in the ability to intervene without having to move, thus providing a prompt and efficient service to customers.

Your team will be able to interact remotely and in real time with your customers’ staff, through audio and video streaming, sharing images and documents and adding notes on the displayed images.


Support operators remotely from a PC workstation.

The (remote) operator receives instructions via smartglasses, tablet or smartphone.

Document sharing: the application allows the operator to take photos or record a video with the camera of the device, in order to provide and archive a documentation of the intervention. It is also possible to share pdf files and images.

Palette of objects: augmented reality technology allows to intervene by using notes that help staff identify problems accurately and quickly.

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Ubiquity is the innovative solution for all companies that want to provide a prompt and reliable remote assistance service in a digital way. The software platform includes a dedicated App for Epson Moverio Smart Glasses or Android-based devices.

Tell us about your needs, we will be happy to find the most suitable and effective solution for your company.

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