New technologies are revolutionizing the travel industry

Technology has changed our approach to travel, decisively influencing the way we choose our destinations, travel, experience our stay and return home.

Millennials in particular have a key role in this digitalization process, as they are familiar with new technologies and tools such as apps, social media and blogs that play a central role in the organization of a trip. The tourism sector is becoming more and more aware of this trend by rethinking its traditional business model towards a new “smarter” model. The tourism industry will be able to respond to the needs of those travelers who are more attentive to sustainability and to a conscious use of technological tools through the development of products and services capable of implementing significant changes.

The main technological allies of Tourism 4.0

Users will be able to have all the information concerning their ticket, boarding pass and updates at their fingertips in real time using Apps that will improve the travel experience. Augmented reality is able to provide immersive previews of the experience they are going to live, for example of their hotel room, or glimpses of a breathtaking view in a remote corner of the earth, to start dreaming abount their vacation in advance.

In the IoT field, the novelty is the availability of integrated sensors connected to the internet inside cars, suitcases, buildings.

What about interacting with the thermostat of your room to arrive at the hotel and find the desired temperature in the room, taking into consideration consumption and sustainability? Or ask your trusted virtual assistant what the weather will be like during your hike, so you can be ready for any unforeseen event without tempting fate?

Thanks to augmented reality, IoT and 360° videos, you can travel back in time to relive recreated ancient temples and cities.

The travel industry is the sector where an interaction with the consumer is becoming more important, and technological progress is allowing companies to get closer to their customers and get to know them better.

On the enterprise side, Big Data will be the lever of the travel industry to obtain targeted communication in order to better segment campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

In the middle of the pandemic, between 2020 and 2021, AC&D Solutions has taken over the travel agency Mondo Immagine Travel, to relaunch it and “specialize” it in a very specific sector: the luxury one. The company wanted to keep believing in the recovery of the tourism sector, and ‘bet’ on Mondo Immagine Travel, immediately transforming it from a travel agency into a tour operator.


Expo Dubai 2020

The Dubai 2020 World Expo will see us involved as the lead company in the communication project for the pavilion of the Republic of San Marino.

Our role is to take responsibility for the initiative and the team building process, through the coordination and management of the activities of both collaborators and partners, all working on a topic that leaves plenty of room for creativity, development and technological innovation. We have always been committed to developing based on innovative technologies, to Consumer & Brand Engagement and Digital Transformation

Road to Dubai 2020

Our expertise will be complemented by the participation of the Roncaglia Group from Milan, that has been providing marketing consultancy and services to large companies and institutions for over 40 years. The Group will take part in the project for the creation of video content and storyboards.

The design and set-up of the pavilion is entrusted to the Architect Francesco Ammirati from Riccione, who will be the Art Buyer and architectural consultant, thanks to his extensive experience in projects for tourism, trade fairs as well as in exhibition design.